First "ArtPrints from your Phone" Class

On Saturday, January 24th, 2015 at 1:00pm Mark Heliger is presenting a class that reviews some of the popular camera apps available for your smartphone. That is, apps like Instagram, Camera Awesome, etc. and posting to Facebook and/or Twitter and other social media venues.

The class includes one free 5x5 ArtPrint from your Phone as a "take away" from the lesson. There is a limit of 5 people per class. Also, it is covering apps available for iOS (Apple). There is a possibility that Android support is available, but that has to be pre-arranged.

Please note: our first class is already full, but these will be repeated and refined over the course of Spring and then Summer.

If you are interested in attending a session, please let Mark know here: so we can add your name to the next one available.

Thank you for your interest!

Confident Expressions in Fiber Art with Laura Fisher

Get past the artist block, focus your thoughts and confidently express your passions in fiber art

 Date and Time: Feb 11, 2015 (2nd Wednesday of each month), 

10-2 with a break for lunch

Location: 40982 Hwy 41 #5, Gallery Yosemite, in Gallery Row,
Oakhurst, California 93644

Cost: $10.00/ session Full Course is 10 Wednesdays from February thru November on the second Wednesday of each month

RSVP  to Laura at 559-877-7075 to receive supply list and ask questions 


Exercises will include:

Assessing your current mental thoughts and position

Discovering what you want to visually express

Shopping for inspiration

Practice using artistic elements and principles to create an effective visual statement

Encouragement to constructively critique your own work 

Getting lost in the process and reaching the goal

Quilt thinking and dream

Creating a safe atmosphere for your child to come out and play

Learn when enough is enough- for YOU

Silence the voices that say just give up

Critique: is it necessary? (sharing optional)

Practice constructive self-criticism 

Evaluate what your creation is saying

Adjust to the direction your creation is going

Expanding techniques: add skills to your toolbox:

Getting organized

Developing a pattern: pre-plan or create as you go-which works for YOU

Appliqué: raw edge and turned edge

Piecing: straight edge and curved 

Paper piecing

Embellishments and enhancements (ink, paint, pencil) 

Collage, Mixed media, Quilting, Presentation

And MORE-bring YOUR questions and thoughts

Photo Blast!

Saturday and Sunday, 12:00pm- 3:00pm at Gallery Yosemite

To celebrate the holiday spirit, Gallery Yosemite is having an Open House with a PRESENT.


1. Bring in your favorite photo, Instagram or other digital photo. 

2. Put it on a portable “thumb” drive for easy handling or… bring your phone with you so we can make a FREE 5x7 print for you.

3. Come in and get your print, while you look around at all the Christmas goodies.


    Family photos are fun. While you are here, take a look at the unique gift ideas that make good choices for someone’s special Christmas.

    *IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PHOTO, one of Santa’s elves might even be talked into taking a Fun Family Foto with an iPad Mini, that we can show you how to add digital effects, make a print and then send it back to you as a “take-along" for only $5.00.

    Stop by and have some Christmas cookies and milk, egg nog or coffee. YUM! That should put a nice smile on your face.

    Fall Fiber Art is Huge!

    Laura Fisher, Quilt Artist

    Floating Color

    It floats in the air. It floats on the wind. It floats on the water. It signals the end of our hot summer. It heralds the beginning of cooler weather when every weekend is filled with social events. It forecasts the change in weather when Central California will get the much-needed wet season. The dust is washed from the vegetation. Drought tolerant plants burst forth with Fall show. What a celebration!
    This quilt is bigger than life. One leaf is bigger than my head. Many quilts are made to snuggle under as we sleep in our beds. This one is a king size. Due to the size it was quilted on a long arm quilting machine by Diane Pervis. It has the construction to hang on the wall where its full beauty can be appreciated.

    The Yosemite Heritage Series

    This initiative is a way to appreciate and enjoy some of the select paintings from the Yosemite Museum's collection of historic images of Yosemite.

    If you would like to be notified when the series goes to print, please fill out the form below.

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    Well, I'll Be Darned

    I can't believe it is already July! What a whirlwind its been for me. I started the year off with a lot of goals and some I have completed, BUT! (A big BUT.) I didn't put "have a heart attack" and "get a bypass" on my list. Silly me.

    So on April 14th. I added the first one, June 13th I added the second one. Now, I wouldn't recommend doing those if you don't HAVE to, but for me, the first was a warning that the second was coming… and that second one… well it changed my life, rearranged my priorities, reminded me that we all have an "expiration date" looming large on the horizon.

    It was a huge wakeup call. I plan do things differently now. As they say in Greece… Sega, sega. (Slowly, slowly.)

    But enough about me… What do you plan to do in the time you have? I hope you can remember to breathe, enjoy your friends and family… and as my friend Martin, the hot-metal typesetter who set my type in the 1970s always told me as he handed me his output for me to then paste up… "Do good work."

    News Outreach

    Many artists love to share their art and techniques with others. The "cross-pollination" that comes from being able to get out of your usual surroundings and see things in a different way.

    Our YWA news and headlines do “OK” to keep you posted, but what about when you have news for the larger community? To that end, I, Mark Heliger, am going to curate the Arts column for SNO.

    If you have any information that you would like to go to the entire community, then SNO would be a good place to put that info.

    If you have something to share, please let me know and I’ll pass it along. You can submit text, photos and more. If you have some video, contact me.

    Send it here

    Local Survey for Artists

    When artists look to expand their horizons, often they choose a workshop format to enable them to see things with the “eyes of others.”

     Please participate in answering some basic questions regarding your desires for an expanded workshop circuit here in Oakhurst. 

    You can take part by clicking here: 

    Christmas Atelier and gift prints



    Quality Restoration and Retouching

    Gallery Yosemite is offering custom limited-edition prints for designs or projects you might have in mind. We encourage artists to use their originals as a point of embarkation to push their imagination even further.

    We have the ability to exactly match an original, or even "push" the edges of the creative process. We can combine photography with traditional media and techniques. This provides absolute flexibility in working with all media. We print on rag paper, canvas and other materials. We work with artists to enhance their vision and provide a quality presentation.


    Moira Donohoe's Pastel Workshop

    Saturday, December 14, 2013 at Gallery Yosemite

    9:00am until 5:00pm

    Join Yosemite native and professional artist Moira Donohoe as she leads you through the process of creating a pastel painting.

    We will meet at Gallery Yosemite, at 9am. Workshop is suitable for beginning or intermediate artists. The instructor will demo the materials she uses, techniques, and process. Participants will observe as a demonstration evolves from blank board to finished pastel painting. Instructor will provide photo references. After lunch student’s will begin their own pastel painting, with the instructor available for questions or suggestions. The day will end with a constructive critique of work done that day..

    Class Cost: $125.00 For more information, please call: (530) 708-1845 or (559) 676-8599.

    Minimum: 6 participants. Maximum, 12. Class will be canceled 3 days prior to day of workshop if minimum is not reached.

    Click here to sign up.    _____________________________________________________________________________________________

    GALLERY Workshop Schedule:

    Saturday, December 14, 2013   

    Meet at the Gallery Yosemite 9:00am

    Instructor Demonstration and materials discussion 9:15-12pm

    Lunch break (Students responsible for bringing their own lunch) 12-12:45pm

    Workshop Participants engage in the Pastel Painting Process
    outlined by instructor 1-4pm

    Critique of day’s work 4-5pm


    What you need for this workshop:

    Some materials may be purchased locally at Michael’s, or Allard’s in Fresno, online or over the phone at Art Supply Warehouse-800-995-6778, Dakota Art Pastels-888-345-0067, Dick Blick-800-828-4548, Cheap Joe’s-800-227-2788, to name a few.

    SupportI recommend Wallis board for this workshop.  Richeson Gator Board, UART, Art Spectrum, are also good boards. 12, x 16, 12 x 18 are good sizes to use for this workshop. All these surfaces come as paper too. If you buy paper for the workshop, you must have a drawing board big enough to accommodate the paper, and masking or drafting tape. A drawing board also lends extra support when using pastel boards.

    Pastels – I use a variety of pastels. Pastels come in different degrees of hardness, all within the soft pastel family. We are not talking about oil pastels, which is an entirely different medium

    Rembrandt make a set of 30 soft pastels which would work well for this workshop. Faber Castell polychromos pastels (not pencils) are also a good choice and work well with the Rembrandts. I have some samples of Unison pastels, which are very soft, that I will share. Ideally, if one gets bitten by the pastel bug, the more pastels the merrier.

    I usually begin a painting with the harder pastels like faber castell polychromos pastels, (not pencils) then progress to softer ones like unison, sennilier, Terry Ludwig, and schmincke.

    Easel: Strongly recommended. Either tabletop, if unable to stand most of the day, or portable easel that is used while standing. Check out Allard’s, Michael’s, and Aaron Brothers in Fresno, or call or shop online, Dick Blick, Art Supply Warehouse, Cheap Joe’s. A fairly inexpensive easel, such as Blick’s studio classic field easel currently sells for $44.99. 

    If an easel is not in the cards right now, sitting at a table with your drawing board propped on your knees, and our small format working surface is doable.

    A small table: such as a card table, or tv foldable table, to hold your supplies (unless your easel has an area for this. French easels do)

    Minimum Supplies-Support, pastels, pencil, vinyl eraser, drawing board big enough to accommodate your paper (if you are using paper), masking or drafting tape, small sketchbook (5 x 7 or 9 x 12), paper towels, and/or wipes.

    NOTE: Please read the minimum supplies section above. I am not suggesting you buy all the things listed on the materials list. You do however need the minimum supplies. I offered various brands of paper and pastels to choose from, recommending some, and others are alternatives. If you are already a pastel artist, or have pastels you would like to use bring them.

    Click here to sign up.

    Jerome Grimmer and Plein Air Techniques

    Jerome presents a demo of Plein Air Techniques at a recent YWA meeting.


    Gallery Yosemite Artists in Sierra Art Trails

    Rita Alvarez – Sierra Art Trails #17
    Merylyn S. Whited – Sierra Art Trails # 33
    Mark Heliger – Sierra Art Trails #49
    Vicki D. Thomas – Sierra Art Trails #50
    John Peto – Sierra Art Trails #51
    Jack Lantz – Sierra Art Trails #52
    Gretchen Lee – Sierra Art Trails #54
    Timberline Gallery, Oakhurst
    Michelle Sonoqui Gillette - Sierra Art Trails  #75
    Slim's Koffee Shak, North Fork, CA
    Craig Schub - Sierra Art Trails #76

    Jack Lantz and the Magic of his Hands

    Jack will do a demo of a still life at the next Yosemite Western Artists meeting Saturday, Sept. 21st @11:30am!

    The Artists at Sweetwater

    We had a great demo from Andrew Erickson about HDR (high Dynamic Range) photography. The food was very tasty too. Thanks to Dave DeSanders, of Sweetwater for taking such good care of us.
    After brunch, we repaired to the gallery where we participated in the installation of the memorial plaque for the Chris Sorensen Sculpture Project.
    And then? And then?
    We watched a video on the Life and Times of William Keith. He was, during his day, the most famous painter in the country. One thing that impressed me was that even at the height of his fame, he traveled to Europe to study painting in order to have better skills of expression.
    We will be having another Brunch with Artists and offer other demos and DVD showings. We will keep you posted. Next up will be a display of 3D photography given by John Peto. It will run for 3 days, over the Labor Day Weekend. There will be a chance to view some very interesting Yosemite photos.
    As we are starting to prepare for the Sierra Art Trails, we will have a number activities relating to that.

    Brunch with the Artists – Saturday, Aug. 24th @ 11:00am

    Gallery Yosemite is hosting a Brunch with the Artists at the Sweetwater Steakhouse
    41177 Highway 41 Oakhurst, CA 93644 on Saturday, August 24th 2013 at 11:00am. 
    A social gathering of many of the 21 artists that belong to Gallery Yosemite. We all are interested in connecting with our neighbors and letting them know that if they want to find some really great interpretations of the essence of Yosemite, they should stop by to see our fine art. After brunch, the artists will shift over to Gallery Row and Gallery Yosemite, to talk about their work. Andrew Erickson will show us how he works with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. We will also show a video on the life of William Keith, who painted Yosemite for over 60 years.

    This is a chance for people interested in art relating to Yosemite and the Sierra Foothills to see up close the diverse expressions of talent and creativity that abounds in the Sierras.

    We are inspired by the same sense of wonder that John Muir experienced when he saw the Yosemite and we are working to create the "next generation" of fine art that is part of the historical lineage of the first Yosemite masters such as, Thomas Hill, William Keith, Carlton Watkins and Ansel Adams. 
    Many of us, just like you, have moved to this area just to be close to Yosemite. We have studied the history of Yosemite even as we have trekked there to experience its many facets during each season.

    We will have answers for questions about techniques or what inspires us, but in general, we will just "hang out" and be talking about Yosemite and our love and appreciation of the fact that it just is.

    The Sweetwater Connection

    As a synergistic gesture, we now have a display of our artists over at the Sweetwater Steakhouse. They are the fine dining experience where we have our continuing "Brunch with the Artists." Our next event will be on Saturday, August 24th at 11:00am. We are doing it on Saturday this time so that people can come who usually are in church the same time on Sunday.


    If you haven't been over there, here is a close-up of the signage that we will be adding to your space in the gallery. Note: this display isn't done yet. It also looks like it needs an adjustment. The paneling is radically uneven, leaving much to be desired in terms of alignment. Where is a good chiropractor when you need one?


    Come and See the Galleree!

    If you haven't stopped by to see us this summer, you have a chance to take a quick look right here and now. We are a group of artists who are lucky enough to have Yosemite in “our backyard.”

    Take a look at what you will find:


    The Continuing Saga of Gourd Art

    Well, its been a few weeks now and Gretchen's "bird" gourd has been finished. Have a look below:


    The delicacy of the rendering process requires such care, that we present an earlier gourd we call the “Landmarks” gourd.

    See below:


    A Gourd Artist's Life – Hurry Up and Wait for It

     Gretchen Lee is our resident gourd sculpturess. It actually takes more than a year for Gretchen to do a gourd. She plants the seeds, grows them watchfully, waits for them to express their nature, then picks them and waits a hell of a long time for them to dry out. 

    Then she has to clean them up in various different ways and then… only then… can she begin to work on them.

    What we are showing you is Part One of her adventure. Sort of, the foundation work, from the ground up. The final will be shown in the next part, but it will be a a short time from now.

    Part Two will be when she finishes off the gourd that she showed today. In the gallery, we will show you the final result when that gourd is "ready for its close-up." What this video does is put a context into the "craft" of her art. It requires a lot of dedication to express in that medium. It requires a lot of patience.

    Take a look…

    Brunch with the Artists – Report

    We had a delightful brunch at Sweetwater Steakhouse. There were 21 people present and we went over some of the plans and ideas for Gallery Yosemite to show more artists at the Sweetwater. Everyone introducing themselves to each other and there was lively conversation throughout the brunch. 

    As we started, I showed the latest oil from Jerome Grimmer. It is a new direction in his painting and everyone really loved the treatment. Looks like Jerome has taken his own class.


    We also showed the reproductions on canvas that I have been producing and how, even next to the original, they were splendid!

    After brunch, we held a vote about which moulding we each liked better as an appropriate frame style for Jerome's new painting.

    I would tell you, but instead, I think that I will add a questionnaire to this email and let you in on the fun. 


    Here you go… Which frame sample do you like the best? Which sample do you like the second best? Your choices are: A, B, C or D.


    Pick you "Fav" and your second "Fav." To make it easy to tabulate results, you can answer the survey by clicking HERE:

    Next, we spoke of the William Keith Collection at St. Mary's College in Moraga, California. It was there at a show entitled Superbly Independent, that I first saw a painting on a cigar box. The exhibit was of Early California paintings by three women students of William Keith. Such a rich bounty of sights for the eye, and amongst the most memorable, the cigar boxes, reveling in interpretations of the California landscape.

    Then… we raffled off the cut roses at the tables, then went to Gallery Yosemite where Jack Lantz set up a demo of how to paint a cigar box using oils. From the setup to the end, we took a video of Jack's demonstration and it is very interesting to see a master is at work.

    Everyone had a wonderful time and we intend to do it again. Perhaps next time we will do it on a Saturday to allow people to attend who were not able to because of church.

    To see the saga of "Jack and the Cigar Box," please click here!